Water Stores are useful to store water that your villagers gathered. 

About All Water StoresEdit

Water stores are capable of storing waters in you village. To gather water you must gather with the wells and the only  river platform on village life.

Water Store  Level -1:Edit

Village life 1

Water Store I

Water Store 1 is also know as the Water store in (Village Life). Water store is capable of carrying 20 Waters that are gathered from wells and the river platform. This is upgradable to be Water store 2. This Water Store doesn't need any keys to unlock it, Like the rest of the other stores that are built first before you are finished in building the bridge were you first play village life.  This gave happiness about 5 exp that helps you level up and to store exp from Happiness Shrine.


There are no needed resources to build this water store.

Keys Needed:Edit

There are no keys needed to unlock this Water store. 

Water Store Level - 2:Edit


Water Store II

Water Store 2 is capable of carrying 40 Waters that are gathered from wells and the river platform. This store needs 2 key to be unlocked. It gives the same happiness as the Water store gives. To see it go to Buildings iCon then go to Store upgrades iCon then you will see different storages.


Keys Needed:Edit
You need 2 keys to unlock it.  Edit