Brian is busy creating his masterpiece behind the boulder! He will finish his contraption blueprints on Thursday, July 25th, when you can begin the next quest: Brian's Marvellous Machine.

You'll need to build the contraption to free Brian, and get past the boulder that covers the entrance to the cave, before travelling to new lands.

In the next area, villagers will be able to use new fun items, build new homes, and grow and eat different foods!

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Brain is building a marvellous machine which will allow your villager to get through the big boulders after you feed him. While feeding him is more difficult based on your level but when your below 20 levels it will be a lot easier because they only need to gather and while other players above 20 levels need to unlock then gather the resources needed to feed Brian. Before this quest began, Brian actually needed to eat a stew which is needed to be cooked so Brian can build a marvellous machine to drill through the caves to get new stuff. It actually started on two villagers (boy and girl) then suddently they heard the strange noise that one of the boulders are actually alive but it was just Brian so Brian asks to feed him with the stew which is needed to be done first before this event.


Feed Brian:Edit

Feeding Brian is the first thing that you should do before he drills through the next area. It depends on what level you are. When your 20 below you have different amount and materials needed to make a stew for Brian.

Feed Brian 1:Edit

Name Total Keys Needed Tools or Resources
Feed Brian