Offers are like packs because they have four packs. Most offers have four packs. Like in events, there are offers. In one event, a certain building must be built. If you can't build it, you must wait for the offers to come and buy it. Most offers are discounted like the Gem Sale, where it is discounted at a 50% price. Offers are needed to be bought by dollars ($). Offers are limited time only. Offers like in Summer Lovin' are timed as 1d 2h 59s but Gem Sale and Key Sale are only 2h.     

Key Sale Edit

Key Sale is an offer that is this discounted 40%. The offer appears anytime it is Limited Timed Offer beacause it is only 2h to expire. The offer has four keys in it. It is needed to be bought as dollars ($).

Gem SaleEdit

Gem Sale is an offer discounted 50% it is needed to be bought by dollars ($). Gem Sale only appears anytime. It is only 2h to expire. The Gem Sale has 200 Gems in it you can buy a Baby Potion in Maya's Store.