Ladies Solstice ClothingEdit

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Ladies Solstice Offer II

Ladies Solstice Clothes are the second craft that is needed to be craft in this event, to craft this first follow this requirements.

Requirements of Ladies Clothing:EditEdit

Gather Pine 1X + Gather Tin 1X = Craft Clasps 1X (Repeat This Step 2X)                                              

Farm White Hemp 1X + Farm Golden Silk Worms 1X = Craft Bolt Of Cloth 1X (Repeat This Step 2X) 

Craft Clasps 2X + Craft Bolt Of Cloth 2X + Ask Sequins 20X (1/Each Request Accepted)


Ladies Clothes Offers are also known as Ladies Solstice and Ladies Solstice Attire. This offer showed anytime in this event. This offer ended since the time of the event expires and the offer's time expires within 2 hours the offer ended. The offer's prize usually cost $ 14.90 now for only $ 7.50. Inside the offer theres 2 Bolts of Cloth, 2 Clasps, 20 Sequins, and Free 25 Gems.