Hot SpringEdit

Hot Spring is the second building requirement to win at Summer Lovin' 250 oils 

Requirements To Build Hot Spring:Edit

Gather Sandstone 1X + Gather Flint Shards 1X = Craft Pool Bricks 1X (Reapeat this requirement 10X)

Gather Grass 1X + Gather Copper 1X = Craft Bath Toys 1X (Reapeat this requirement 10X)

Craft Pool Bricks 10X + Craft Bath Toys 10X + Ask For Bubble Bath 75X (1/Each friend request accepted) = Build Hot Spring


Hot Spring Offer IIAdded by WikiMaker10Hot Spring Offer only appears when you build Hot Spring or after the offer of the first building it will appear. The offer has everything to build the Hot Spring but there's free 25 gems if you bought this offer. The time limit of this offer is 1d 2h 59s. The offer has packed 10 pool bricks, 10 bath toys 75 bubble bath and some free gems.