Father's Day is an third event like Summer Lovin' only it is diffrent from buildings and request. The buildings are Bowling 

Father's Day
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Father's Day
Some attributes
First Date Started:

June 10,2013

Second Date Ended:

June 16,2013

Third Buildings:

Bowling With Dad, Card Table, and Stag Statue Materials

Other attributes
Fourth Previous Event:

Summer Lovin'

Fifth Next Event:

Summer Solstice

Sixth Prize:

Stag Statue

with Dad, Card Table, and Stag Statue Materials. This is the first event that has the building to be deleted when you didnt started it yet. The time for the deletion of the buildings were the event's day ended the building will be deleted. But the two events like the Summer Lovin' and Spring Fever didnt delete the towers when the two events ended and the Father's Day Event started in June 10,2013 instead of starting it when Summer Lovin' should end. This event is announced to start at facebook. This event has not started in 14 days unlike Sping Fever And Summer Lovin' it actualy starts within 6 days. Your Village Life should have 100 friends to finish all the requirements and win Dear Statue. All buildings were needed to have 100 asks to have the materials needed to build the buildings that are needed to. Unlike other events this event's buildings are needed to ask from friends 100X (1/Each request accepted).


In this event buildings are deleted because of unstarted foundations of building. All of this are buildings exept for Stag Statue Materials. The offers showed oon but it ended 2h 0m 0s. The Stag Statue Materials are for Stag Statue Building.


Requirements of these buildings have 100 requests to finish it and build or craft it. These are the requirements of every building in this event.

Requirements Of Card Table:Edit

Gather Grass 1X + Gather Vines 1X = Craft Card Table 1X (Repeat this step 5X)

Gather Copper 1X + Gather Flint Shards 1X = Craft Crafting Tools 1X (Repeat this step 5X)

Craft Card Table 5X + Craft Crafting Tools 1X + Ask Card Decorations 100X (1/Each request accepted)

Requirements Of Bowling With Dad:Edit

Gather Pine 1X + Gather Mud 1X = Craft Lane Planks 1X (Repeat this step 4X)

Gather Sandstone 1X + Gather Tin 3X = Craft Bowling Balls 1X (Repeat this step 4X)

Craft Lane Planks 4X + Craft Bowling Balls + Ask Bowling Pins 100X (1/Each  request accept)

Requirements Of Statue Materials:Edit

Gather Birtch 1X + Gather Pine 1X = Craft Carving Block 1X (Repeat this step 6X)

Gather Clay 1X + Gather Flint Shards 1X = Craft Pedestial Stabs 1X (Repeat this step 6X)

Craft Carving Block 6X + Craft Pedestial Stabs 6X + Ask Wood Stain 100X (1/Each request accepted)