Farming is an action that uses your villager's energy to farm food. Since Summer Solstice started Red Flax, Golden Silk Worms, White Hemp, and Firefly Grass has been added to the iCons of village life and those four are gathered by farming them. Since Progression  started, 5 new resources are added and this are Parsley, Lemon Grass, Binding Weed, Sunflowers, Flax and then when progression started, the happiness of the plants that are needed to be eaten by your villagers are changed into any 100+ value of happiness and also since it started, the three new plants are added and they are Cauliflower, Broccoli, Turnips.  


Food Name Time to Unlock Happiness Tools Quantity Time to Harvest
Potatoes ? 120 Flint Trowel + Mastered Burlap Sack + Flint Pick 30 2h 0m 0s
Lettuce ? 96 Flint Trowel + Mastered Burlap Sack + Gloves 24 15m 0s
Corn ? 104 Flint Trowel + Mastered Burlap Sack + Rope 26 1h 0m 0s
Cabbage ?  120 Mastered Burlap Sack + Tin Trowel + Copper Pitchfork 16 15m 0s
Tomatoes ? 150 Birch Box + Tin Trowel 25 40h 0m 0s
Wheat ? 210 Pine Box + Bronze Trowel 35 1h 0m 0s
Carrots ? 144 Elm box + Bronze Trowel 18 15m 0s
Cucumber ? 192 Tin Trowel + Burlap Sack + Glove 24 30m 0s
Rice ? 240 Iron Pitchfork + Bronze Trowel 30 2h 0m 0s
Onions 4d 12h 0m 512 Gloves + Iron Sickle + Elm Box 32 4h 0m 0s
Celery 4d 12h 0m 756 Iron Sickle + Amethyst Box 42 6h 0m 0s
Garlic 4d 12h 0m 960 Iron Sickle + Emerald Box 48 1d 0m 0s
Cauliflower 6d 0h 0m 1750 Iron Sickle + Iron Knife + Emerald Box 8h 0m 0s
Broccoli 6d 0h 0m 1,250 Iron Sickle + Iron Knife + Emerald Box 6h 0h 0m
Turnip 6d 0h 0m 1,500 Iron Pick + Iron Knife + Emerald Box 4h 0m 0s
Red Flax ? N/A 6 15m 0s
Golden Silk Worms ? N/A 5 5m 0s
White Hemp ? N/A 6 10m 0s
Firefly Grass ? N/A 6 15m 0s
Parsley 0h 0m 0 10 15m 0s
Lemon Grass 1d 12h 0m   0 10 30m 0s
Binding Weed 3d 0h 0m 0 10 30m 0s
Sunflowers 4d 12h 0m 0 10 45m 0s
Flax 6d 0h 0m 0 10 1h 0m 0s