Couples' Pottery is the first building you need to build to win 250 oils at Summer Lovin'.

Requirements To Build Couples' Pottery:Edit

5 Clay + 4 Mud = Craft 1 Pottery Supplies (Reapeat 5X)

5 Pines + 2 Flint Shards = Craft 1 Turntables (Reapeat 6X) 

Ask Glaze 100X (1/Each Friend Request Accepted) + 5 Pottery Supplies + 6 Turntables = Build Couples' Pottery


Couples' Pottery Offer only appear after you build Couples' Pottery or after the offer of the first building that you must build or even when you didnt bought the offer it will show everytime on thoffers from upper left of your game screen. This Offer has all the Couples' Pottery needed to build exept from 25 Gems but you might need it. The Offer has 25 Gems, 100 Glaze, 6 Turntables, and 5 Pottery Supplies. The Offer's prize usually cost $19.10 but for now it only cost $10.00. The time limit of the offer is 1d 2h 59s. The Glaze offer was colored brown like Varnish but when you ask for Glaze its color is blue.